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The Black Belt Concepts Course

by Stephan Kesting and

Who Am I and What's Going On?

My name is Stephan Kesting. I'm a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt and a submission wrestling instructor. I operate and The goal of these sites is to help people just like you improve their BJJ and submission grappling skills as quickly as possible.

You might also know me from my main site at, my Youtube videos (15 million views and counting), or or the 20+ articles I've published in magazines like Black Belt, TapOut, Ultimate MMA and Grappling, or the times I've been interviewed on The Fightworks Podcast, This Week in BJJ, and many other grappling and martial arts podcasts.

Along the way I've also produced over 25 instructional DVDs and 19 instructional apps for iOS, Android and Kindle devices.

But it wasn't always like this. Especially in the beginning my BJJ progress was slow and difficult.

And that's mostly because I was focused on the wrong things: techniques.

Techniques are essential to grappling of course, but focusing on them and ignoring the underlying concepts that actually make them work can really slow your progress down.

Concepts are much more important than specific techniques. The bottom line is that if you approach grappling from a concepts-based point of view then you'll be able to...

  • Learn New Techniques Much Quicker. It’s much easier to remember a few core concepts than it is to remember hundreds of techniques with thousands of steps and details.  Prioritising concepts over techniques allows you to learn the material faster and also make it much easier to remember it all.

  • Become Faster and Improve Your Reaction Times. Understanding what really makes a technique work makes it much easier to figure out which technique to use in which situation. Concepts will make you faster by simplifying your decision-making process on the mats!

  • Have Stronger, More Effective Techniques.The difference between white belt and black belt grappling is mostly the many little adjustments that black belts do without thinking to their techniques.  Concepts make those adjustments instinctive and automatic, which then exponentially amplifies the power of your techniques.

  • Increase Your Confidence On the Mat. There are only so many ways to move your body on the ground, and that means the same fundamental concepts apply in gi-based BJJ, no-gi submission wrestling, and even in MMA. Having a good grasp of these fundamental concepts allows you to be confident of your skills regardless of who you're facing or what the rules are.

  • Have Solutions to New Situations. Grappling and BJJ like Jazz; you have to be able to improvise, because new and unusual situations come up all the time. Understanding the concepts of grappling allows you to create, combine and adapt techniques on the fly.  This will allow you quickly and confidently know what to do in almost every situation on the mats.

Read on to find out more...

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First, Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Discover
In The Black Belt Grappling Concepts Course...

descriptionThe Black Belt Grappling Concepts Course is my flagship instructional product in which I share my very best material.

It consists of 26 core video lessons. Each lesson will teach you a different concept that’s absolutely fundamental to all effective grappling using drills, exercises, tricks and techniques you can incorporate into your game right away.

On the right you can see what one single lesson (with an almost 25 minute long video, and a 16 minute bonus video) looks like ========>

(In the course you'll get unlimited access to this lesson and twenty five other lessons like this)

There is an absolute TON of information in this course, including concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics. 

Each and every concept is illustrated with lots of concrete examples, insider tips, and high percentage techniques that you can easily incorporate into your game right away.

Have you ever heard the wise saying: "if you give a man a fish then you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish then you feed him for life."

Well, in this course I'm teaching you 'how to fish' when it comes to grappling.

Once you understand the concepts of your sport or martial art then learning, applying and improving your techniques becomes much easier!


This is the Distillation of More than 30 Years of Martial Arts Training and 25+ Years of Grappling. 

The material you'll be learning comes directly from my own personal R&D: I've really tested and used this stuff in my own training.

You probably know that I've made many instructional grappling DVDs and apps.  Since I've sold over 20,000 of them somebody out there must like them! When I'm teaching a technique - either in person or via my videos - I try to cover all aspects of that technique. This means that I show setups, entries, variations, finishes, and counters.

But in those instructionals I also make sure to cover the underlying concepts... And this is the stuff that really make the techniques 'tick.'

The very best feedback about my DVDs and apps from fans and customers hasn't been about the techniques themselves. People have always learned the most when I share the underlying concepts and principles with them. If anything, it's this approach that sets my material apart from the vast majority of other instructional products on the market today.

These are the very same concepts that I use with great success in my own training every time I step on the mat. I stand by everything I'm going to teach you because I know it works!

This 26 lesson course is full of brand new, never before seen material. Using these 26 tutorials I'll brain dump the results of my own personal grappling exploration and research directly into your head so you can achieve your goals much faster than if you were doing it alone!

Here's how I recently summed up this approach to a friend of mine...

"If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Then a Concept is Worth a Thousand Techniques!

The big picture (the concepts and principles) are WAY more important and more powerful than individual techniques. These principles are virtually the same whether you train with or without the gi. They apply to submission grappling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, MMA training and other grappling arts like Sambo, Judo.

    These concepts are straightforward enough to learn quickly, but powerful enough to apply on the mat in your very next grappling session. These ideas will provide you with a fresh and lively way to improve your skills... far beyond ANY existing method. And it's not dry theoretical material either - to make sure that you learn, absorb and incorporate the concepts I show you lots of techniques to illustrate these concepts.

    Very few people teach this stuff, and it's never been this conveniently packaged and easy to learn. I'm not sure why this material isn't taught more often. Maybe some instructors don't know how to teach this way...

The thing is that discovering the underlying concepts and principles makes it MUCH easier for a student to learn on his own. Now the student isn't as dependent on the instructor to get better, and frankly some instructors find this threatening.

These are the very same concepts that I use with great success in my own training every time I step on the mat. I stand by everything I'm going to teach you because I know it works!

This 26 lesson course is full of brand new, never before seen material. Using these weekly tutorials I'll brain dump the results of my own personal grappling exploration and research directly into your head so you can achieve your goals much faster than if you were doing it alone!

Everything Is In An Easy-to-Learn Format

I've formatted every lesson in this 26 lesson course to give you the principles and concepts that are central to ALL effective grappling. Altogether you'll get over 20 hours of immediately useful content.

So there's a LOT of stuff…

And that's why ALL the material is downloadable in four formats. This way you can learn on your own terms and at your own speed!

  • Streaming Video, so you can instantly start viewing each lesson in video format on your special access web portal,

  • Downloadable Video, so you can easily download the video lessons permanently to your computer,

  • Audio Files, so you can get the lessons as mp3 files to listen to on your mobile device,

  • PDF Files, so you can download and print the illustrated step-by-step summaries I’ve specially created for each of the 26 core lessons.

Although you're more than welcome to study each lesson on your special web access portal that I’ll be giving you full access to, I don’t want you to be dependent on me or always have access to a fast internet connection.  So that’s another reason why each and every part of the course is downloadable.

Once it’s on your computer it’s yours forever, and previous students say they really appreciate being put the material onto their phones and tablets so they can review it on the go...

Plus, I'm Throwing In Lots Of Extra Bonuses!


Offering this course is a big deal for me. After all, it took me an entire year of all-out effort to research, write, film and edit this material. So why am I adding in lots of other stuff? It's quite simple really...

I want you to have the very best experience in this course, and become a convert to 'concept-based grappling.'

The inclusion of these bonuses almost doubles the amount of information you'll be getting, and I guarantee you'll have enough material to frustrate your training partners for a long, long time. (Check out the testimonials near the bottom of this page if you don't believe me!)

Bonus #1: Online Bonuses

It's always fun to get extra stuff, and that's why I've sprinkled the course with over 10 surprise bonuses.

Most of these bonuses are in video form, and one of those bonuses is even an entire seminar I taught! I’m also giving you an entire downloadable book not available anywhere else as part of one of the lessons!

Once again, all this material is downloadable to your computer so that you can have permanent access to it. Many previous students have loaded these videos onto their iPods and video-enabled phones so that they can improve their grappling skills anywhere, even riding on the bus or waiting in line at the bank.

Here's some of the bonus materials you'll get with the regular lessons...

bonus footage
bonus footage
bonus footage
bonus footage
bonus footage
bonus footage
bonus footage
bonus footage
bonus footage
bonus footage



Bonus #2: "Thirteen Techniques
You Can
Use On The Mat Today" DVD

13 Techniques DVDRecently I was preparing an advanced seminar to a group of grapplers. I wanted to share the techniques and concepts that I've recently developed and added to my own game.

It's essential when you're teaching advanced material to first make sure that everyone is on the same page with the fundamentals, or the basics. That's why I invited seminar participants to 2 hour long 'pre-seminar' before the actual advanced workshop. In this session I covered some really important topics that every serious grappler should know.

I was initially worried that this material would be too basic for some of the more advanced participants. But afterwards several purple and brown belts told me that while they already knew some of the techniques I showed at the pre-seminar, that it was a great reminder about some important details they'd forgotten.

Here are just some of the topics we covered and that are now on this bonus DVD:

  • How can you use your opponent's jiu-jitsu skills against him? (The better he is, the easier it is to set him up with this trick).

  • What to do when your opponent has almost got your back? (This technique won me a gold match in the US Open Tournament!)

  • What's the secret to prevent your opponent from escaping your omo plata armlock attacks?

  • How do you sweep a stronger and heavier opponent? (Watching people's faces light up when I showed this detail was a personal highlight when we filmed this DVD.)

  • What's the MISSING ELEMENT that allows people to escape your leglock attacks? Fix this and it will triple the effectiveness of your kneebar and ankle lock submission.

  • What's a Jedi mind trick to give your opponent the illusion of control, right before you sweep him from the guard?

  • What's the easiest escape when you're pinned in half guard and your opponent is trying to pop your head off?

  • And a whole lot more!

These are really powerful techniques. They work for me and - more importantly - they work for the people I've taught!

If you want to discover these techniques, then order the Grappling Concepts Course. You'll get instant access to the course material, and I'll ship the physical DVDs to you entirely for free.

All the bonus DVDs are professionally filmed and edited, and then factory duplicated on high quality discs.

Regular price $247, On Sale $197!



Bonus #3: "Advanced Techniques & Tactics"
An Exclusive 4 DVD Set

Quick Summary of Bonus #3: Advanced Techniques and Tactics” 4 DVD Set

I'm putting this third bonus in just to make your decision about the Grappling Concepts Course a total no-brainer for you!

When you sign up for Black Belt Grappling Concepts Course I'll also send you this 4 DVD Set right away, completely for free. It's an awesome resource with TONS of advanced techniques, tricks and strategies that will change the way you approach groundfighting.

This is the very latest stuff I've been working on, and I'm sure you'll love it.

'Advanced Techniques and Tactics' is a 4 DVD set covering my personal favourite techniques, drills and training methods. From the Deep Half Guard, to ultra-powerful Omo plata finishes, to advanced Butterfly Guard strategies, it's all here just waiting for you to reach out and incorporate it into your game.

Most of this material has never been seen on any other DVDs, my own included! This means there's a lot of stuff on these DVDs that will be new to your opponents and catch them completely by surprise!

But while there's an undeniable advantage to having an arsenal of cutting-edge techniques at your fingertips, that's not the main thing...

You see, it's super important to me that people actually use the material I teach them!

And the absolute best way I know to do that is by sharing my knowledge in the Grappling Concepts course. By the end of that course you should have a whole new way of looking at grappling. And at this point you should be able to incorporate this material into your repertoire fairly easily.

In fact, combining the concepts with the cutting edge techniques has a synergistic effect.

It's when you start with concepts and principles, and combine them with great technique, that you get some real magic happening on the mat.

You'll be able to combine the concepts and principles from the course, with the cutting edge techniques on these 4 DVDs, and your level will really start accelerating!

Please note that THESE DVD'S ARE NOT FOR SALE (please don't ask)! The ONLY way you can get your hands on them is by me shipping them to you as a gift when you sign up for the 'Black Belt Grappling Concepts Course.'



Here's Some Praise For The Material in

michael zenga"I can say without hesitation that Stephan Kesting's Grappling Concepts videos and DVDs are amongst the finest I have ever seen in terms of teaching quality. Stephan's immaculate attention to detail are unmatched and anyone who grapples would benefit from his instruction. There are lots of free videos available online by star grapplers and I would still recommend paying Stephan for his videos. They are unmatched in terms of finer detail."

Michael Zenga (black gi), BJJ Brown Belt, Pan Jiu Jitsu Gold Medalist, 2010

“I was a bit worried that the material would be too advanced for me, but it was so well taught (including breaking and diving into further details mid drill etc.) that it was not an issue. I definitely felt that I was able to pick up the material relatively quick based on my expectations and minimal level of experience.”

David Barkwell

“If you are serious about getting better at grappling then I would highly recommend Stephan Kesting’s online grappling course. I found the concepts very easy to understand and applicable to my grappling immediately. As a white belt they are especially helpful because they allowed me to organize all the information that was coming at me and understand how all the pieces fit together which has accelerated my learning.

More importantly, my training partners have recently commented on how I give them ‘the most trouble of any white belt’ in our school, which of course I take as a great compliment.”

Nathan Smith, Orangeville, Ontario

“The material helped a lot. The Deep Half Guard is something I use in grappling all the time and was glad to see it refined. Also, I now realize that I've been doing the armbar escape you showed wrong this whole time.

The positions you covered were done so in great detail. If anything, it makes me more confident in those positions, especially knowing that I have multiple options.”

Ken Po, Vancouver BC

"I just wanted to let you know what an incredible boost the course gave my BJJ. I had been feeling a bit of a slump in my game, and this course broke me out of it big time. At first I was not sure if the material would be too basic for me. But as the weeks went by and the lessons kept adding up, I could see my game changing on an ongoing basis. A few months in, I was giving fits on the mats to brownbelts who had previously been crushing me. And I really felt like I had the tools to solve problems for myself on the mat.

The mix of techniques and principals really worked for me, Bjornand took my BJJ to a new place. And being fed a new lesson each week really worked me - I was able to absorb each "class" and start applying things on the mat.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks again. The work put in for generating that huge quantity of material - videos, audio lessons, pdf's and bonus lessons really paid off for this student."

Bjorn Weeks, BJJ Purple Belt, Santiago, Chile

"I can’t believe how much material you actually covered, yet even for someone with only a few weeks of grappling training I managed to work with my partner and really pick up most of the techniques and transitions in a way that feels natural to me.

I now have the basics of a game plan allowing me to transition without thinking between Butterfly, X guard, and the Deep Half Guard which will really open up my sparring sessions at my school. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned!"

Andy Precious, Washington State, USA

"The material covered was fantastic. The Deep Half Guard to X guard drills, and the sweeps and submissions from X Guard were revelations. I have always struggled with Half Guard as an offensive position, I only ever really worked to regain my full guard, or occasionally try a sweep, the seminar gave me so many options and ideas that I felt would really suit me.

In addition I felt that the X-guard material had some excellent combative uses, and that is always an area of interest to me. It really gave me a lot to work on and think about that I had not seen before."

Toby Taplin, MMA & BJJ Student, Vancouver BC

"Hey Stephan,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I've enjoyed and got out of the course. Like you said there's a ton of stuff and I've probably not even absorbed 10% of it yet, so I'm re-watching them and picking up details I missed at my first look.

This course has taught me so much, but one of the best things is how it's shown me to observe myself and my partners when we roll. I'll be benefitting from your knowledge for years thanks to these lessons. I'm so glad I got involved. Worth every penny!

People at my club have commented on how much I've improved recently, and I always put anyone who asks onto your material. So massive thanks to you for the excellent tuition.

It will be strange not having new lessons to look forward to when they finally end, and the bonus episodes will be really welcome and enjoyed!
Like I said though, most of the knowledge in the videos hasn't sunk in yet and I'll be returning to this encyclopaedia often over my grappling journey.

I got my DVDs earlier this week and watched a couple while I had breakfast, these are gratefully received too. I'm going to focus the x-guard one first I think.

I'll continue to visit your site and follow your sharings in the future, but for now I just wanted to let you know what an impact your knowledge has had on my jiu-jitsu. I'm a completely different grappler."

Joe Butler, Bristol, England

Stephan Kesting’s online course Grappling Concepts is fantastic! Clearly Stephan is one of the best grapplers in the sport, but that is not why you want to get his course. He's is a great fighter, but that is not why you want to get this course. He has more experience in grappling than most grapplers out there, but that is not why you want to get this course.

I am a full time martial artist and promoter of Muay Thai, and I am also a former educator. I have seen a lot of educational material in my 33+ years as a martial artist and I am generally pretty critical (and cynical) as to their value. Stephan is one of the rare individuals in martial arts who is a real martial artist and an outstanding teacher. And that is why you want to get this course.

Stephan has the intelligence to put together, organize, and communicate his years of experience. Grappling Concepts is put together in a well thought out manner that is easy to follow and easy to learn from. Everything is demonstrated clearly from all angles and all explanations are concise and clear and easy to understand. This is a great educational tool.

A lot of thought has gone into the progression and content of this course. This is not a style specific course: anyone can use it whether they are a beginning grappler or an advanced grappling veteran. By focusing on concepts rather than style you really can get the most out of this course.

In short, you can start using and applying tools, drills, and tricks right out of the box. And it is packed with information. I haven’t seen any other single book or DVD series on grappling that is as in depth or as useful as Grappling Concepts.

David BrownI can honestly say with out exaggeration, that Stephan’s work is some of the BEST I have ever seen. You hit a home run with this one Kesting!

David Neal Brown
Head Instructor, Total Confidence Martial Arts, Bellingham, WA

"I recently subscribed to Stephan Kestings course on Grappling Concepts. It just finished and some of the concepts I have never put the ideas together (it likely would have taken me years into being a BB to figure them all out). It has made my understanding of the game clearer.

I have yet to finish, incorporate and cement all of the concepts SK has taught, but I am impressed by his commitment to his business, putting out quality material, willingness to go the extra step for the customer and so much more.

I'd highly suggest purchasing Stephen Kestings material in the future to anyone commited to improving their ground game.

Daniel Kawika Bennett - Kahuna Dog (DogBros), Aiea, Hawaii"

"Due to a number of life circumstances I have not been able to hit the mats for a while. So when Stephan started offering his 'Grappling Concepts' online course I was very excited, as this provided a really good way for me to remain at least somewhat immersed in BJJ even while not physically training.

The Concepts course was very useful in terms of helping me develop the mental aspect of my game, and has also given me lots of concepts and techniques to experiment with when I do get back to training."

Mike Krebs, BJJ Student, Vancouver, BC

"This course could also be called "Lightbulb moments" course. You know those moments in jiu-jitsu when a figurative lightbulb goes on in your mind - where you suddenly grasp a principle about HOW to apply techniques (techniques you probably already have known for years)? When after class you lay in bed seeing all the other positions where this same principle can be applied?

That is what I got out of this course.

concepts course testimonialMy blackbelt instructor can show me more techniques than I could ever master, but the flavor of this course is much different than a collection of techniques. This collection of lessons is how you tie together those techniques into a game.

Clearly presented and different than technique-specific DVDs"

Mark (in the white gi)
Gracie Barra Calgary, AB, Canada
BJJ Purple Belt & Judo Brown Belt

"You have to sit down and think, Stephan Kesting... how do you do it, how do you make something so easy to understand. How do you find the material that people actually need to know!

The online course, some things I knew, some things I didn't, and the things I didn't know were swiftly absorbed and used.

The bonus DVDs: where do I start... Well first things first- they rock.

Deep half guard? Yes please! The best dvd personally out of the set of amazingly thought out and well presented material.

Best Jiu-Jitsu related investment I've ever made (and I have a healthy collection of books and dvd's from a few other Jiu-Jitsu practitioners).

If Stephen Kesting held his hand out to me, I'd shake it with the force of a thousand happy gods! and my training partners? They'd probably rip it off for making me so much better :D

So I thank and applaud you dude, you did one hell of a job."

Matt Wild, Musubi Martial Arts (

"Stephan, I want to tell you how much I learned from the course. The techniques were excellent, but what I got most out of it was your insight and details.

The lessons were well worth the money I spent and have made me a much more technical fighter. I am a fan of yours and trust your instruction 100%. Thank you for a few more submissions and a few less taps."

Les Tate, Mission Viejo, California

"Stephan Kesting’s Grappling Concepts Online Course is a rare gem. If you are into tons of techniques go look somewhere else. If you are in for some real great concepts, methods and principles this is the place to go!

In the online videos Stephan delves deep into all the background information you should know and understand to make your grappling game better right away.

Don’t be mistaken, not everything is for the beginner, but if you are looking for some very important background knowledge you come to the right place. The videos are easily understood and very well presented. They are easy to learn and replicate while training. This is stuff you should know and stick to.

As an extra you will get tons of written PDF files, which are useful if you are more of a book learner. And the bonus material on its own is worth the money. There aren't any other online courses yet that come close to this one."

Frank Burczynski, J.A.B. JKD Akademie (, Germany

"I'd just like to say thank you so much for putting together such a great course. The conceptual focus has made such a big difference to my game.

There is so much information out there on the web but in the heat of rolling its much easier to remember a concept like "Harass The Head".

It's also great to encounter someone who is as interested in teaching as fighting."

Henry Cho,
Sydney, Australia

"I am in love with this sport, but it is extremely difficulty for me to find time between school and work to train. The Grappling Concepts course gave me the ability to learn, review, and progress my skills as a practitioner outside of my gym.

The lessons were easy to follow and I was able to implement them into my limited training schedule. The results were immediate and it allowed me to utilize my fullest potential on the mat. I entered a tournament soon after reviewing the first lessons and took home the gold in my division!

These courses are great for anyone at any level with any goal!

IreneThanks to my team at Gracie Barra-Costa Mesa under professor Mike Buckels and thank you Stephan Kesting for making this amazing tool, Grappling Concepts, available."

Irene (in the white gi), Costa-Mesa, California

"I've been a fan of Stephan's website for many years. is packed with more useful information than you can absorb. The website offers grappling videos, articles, techniques, and newsletters. I instantly became hooked on his products after having purchased one of his instructional dvd's, and soon found myself adding his complete set to my instructional library.

Many instructional dvd's contain random techniques that aren't easy to remember or add to your jiu jitsu game. Stephan Kesting is a great instructor, who explains a technique in detail. He explains in detail, the set up entries, application, and defense to the various submissions.

I have been taking Jiu Jitsu classes for many years at several different gyms. The classes are run pretty much the same: warm up drills, technique of the day, followed by live sparring. The techniques taught in class are sometimes basic, and sometimes quite advanced. The lessons learned are often hard to remember from week to week and there isn't much structure / game plan.

Very often, the live grappling is so competitive, you don't get much chance of attempting the learned new technique. For this reason, it can take years to learn the art of jiu jitsu before you have a great understanding of the sport.

Stephan Kesting offers several instructional courses, Beginning BJJ & Grappling Concepts. Stephan breaks down his lesson plan and teaches you how to approach your training. Stephan's instructional courses are full of bonuses and extra free information.

His online courses and instructional DVD's have greatly improved my jiu-jitsu game and brought me immediate results in the gym. I highly recommend Stephan Kesting's material."

Michael Fewer, San Francisco, California

"The Grappling Concepts ecourse by Stephan Kesting helped me out in a very specific way: My instructor does not speak English, and even though I speak some Korean it isn't enough to catch the fine details.

The theories introduced in Grappling Concepts helped me to fill in the missing gaps that I don't fully grasp in class. For example, way back in the very beginning of the class, after hearing Stephan talk about getting "heavy" I was able to intuitively understand the finer points of the knee-on-belly position when it was time for my instructor to formally introduce it to me.

Taking time to go through the Grappling Concepts course is like going into the first day of a college class with all of the reading for the semester already finished. The live instruction is still critical to get the finer points and context, but you'll definitely have a head start.

I feel very fortunate to have found an incredibly patient, understanding, and skilled instructor and it is thanks to Stephan Kesting's Grappling Concepts that I am able to get as much as possible out of his instruction."

Steve Ward, Seoul, South Korea
John Frankl Jiu-jitsu Competition Team

"I'm writing to you about the grapplers ecourse that was just completed.

I have about a year of BJJ experience and found the course to be awesome! Aside from all the major techniques shown I particularly enjoyed the concepts. Instead of just showing technique after technique your description of the concepts that made these techniques work was perfect. I was able to use them in a variety of situations immediately.

Each week I would go to class and be able to use what i learned from you, to my training partners dismay. I may not be tapping out upper ranks often but neither are they tapping me with ease.

As for the bonus DVDs, I found the Oma Plata and Kneebar DVDs to be the most interesting. The Deep Half Guard DVD is also one of my favorites and I'm having a great time experimenting with it. Some minor things you pointed out on the Oma Plata DVD have enabled me to finally have some success with it. I'm still making a mistake with the kneebars but I'm getting there consistently so after I go through the DVD again I'm sure I'll figure it out.

I've recommended your series to every grappler I know. If you could set up the course in a way that grapplers could sign up anytime and run the 26 weeks I believe you'd have great success and I'd get tapped more in class by the new guys.

The only week I didn't enjoy was the lesson on conditioning. This is only because I wanted more techniques and already have a background in exercise science. Overall the course was amazing and I often got up early in the morning to download and watch the new lessen before work.

I'm sure you put a lot of work into these lessons and I appreciated every minute of it. I look forward to following more of what you do!"

R. Fraser Dewar, Rutland, Vermont

"As a beginner in the world of grappling (one year of training now), I really enjoyed the Grappling Concepts training course. It isn't that the techniques presented are great (and they are), but that the concepts themselves are very helpful for my training. It really helps me to think more globally: to how to set up or escape submissions, and how to move correctly. It allows me to correct myself instead of trying to find what I need on the internet, and occasionally finding only one specific solution to one specific problem.

I have increased my learning speed quite a lot, and being able to share this knowledge with my training partners is quite nice. Having clever training partners helps a lot, but not all people are prepared to spend time thinking about the techniques…

Anyway, it is a great course. It will give me hours to work on."

Jérôme, Lausanne, Switzerland

"Stephan, as an older bluebelt, whose training time is restricted by my career and young family, I sometimes have a tough time making it to my academy. I signed up for your ecourse in the hopes that the concepts you taught would help me bridge the gaps when life keeps me too busy to train. I had seen some of your videos in the past, and knew that you had a clear and systematic approach to your instruction. While I admit to being initially cautious about the price, I felt that the quality of your past instructionals, the amount of instruction, and the DVDs you were including, would make everything worthwhile. I took a chance, and enrolled in your course... One of the best decisions I have made.

The level of instruction was exactly what I expected (not that I ever had any doubts there). You provide clear descriptions of the concepts you identified, as well as great examples of how these concepts are applied in regular techniques (and some that I had never seen before). Many of the concepts you covered were completely new to me, which was great. Even those concepts that I had encountered before were taught from a different perspective or demonstrated through different techniques, which gave me a better understanding of the concept (and many techniques) as a whole. The downloadable materials were great as well. As someone who commutes to work, I really appreciate being able to review the lessons on my iPod. The written materials were a great addition too, as I also had a ready-made notebook to work with.

I was completely satisified with the course, and already felt that I had gotten my money's worth - then the DVDs arrived. Wow. I knew your DVD materials were always good, but I was completely surprised with the quality of material you covered in the DVD set. I am still digesting the Deep Half Guard and X-Guard DVDs, and have not yet had a chance to review the others. While I was initially cautious about the price of the course, not anymore. Every penny was well worth it - in fact, you could (and probably should) be charging much more.

Thank you very much for putting this together."

James, Oceanside, California


The Price and a Crazy Guarantee...

The New Price: The regular price for the Black Belt Grappling Concepts Course is $247, and it is typically delivered at the rate of one lesson per week.

But you're not going to pay that much.

You see I'm experimenting with a new format in which you get access to ALL the same lessons ALL at once - no waiting. This saves me some administrative costs and I'm passing those savings on to you.

My Unconditional 365 Day Guarantee Comes With The Black Belt Concepts Course!That's why if you order now you can get all 26 core lessons in the Black Belt Concepts Course, the five physical bonus DVDs, FREE shipping, AND all the online bonuses for only one payment of $197.

Awesome material. Really good price. But it gets even better...

An Unbeatable Guarantee: Even though I'm experimenting with a lower price point and a faster delivery mechanism for now you'll STILL get my unconditional 365 day moneyback guarantee.

If you don't like the material for ANY reason just let me know and I will happily refund your entire payment, plus you'll even get to keep the bonus DVDs.

Either you're thrilled with the material or you don't pay - it's as simple as that!

Is This Course Just for Black Belts?

NO, the Black Belt Grappling Grappling Concepts Course is not just for Black Belts!!!!

It's got the term 'Black Belt' in the title because by the time most people reach that rank they're beginning to internalise many of the concepts that we're going to show you in the course. They use these concepts automatically every day on the mats.

The whole point of this course is to get you up to that black belt level of competence much faster. That's why I called it the 'Black Belt Grappling Concepts Course.'

Now if you're completely brand new, or have never actually trained, well then I wouldn't recommend this course at just yet. Honestly, I think I have some different products that'd be more appropriate for you.

But if you've been training for at least a couple of months and are serious about continuing to get better then I think it can greatly help accelerate your learning. Having a strong understanding of the concepts that underpin everything else you're being shown just makes learning so much easier, and everything you learn so much more powerful!

That makes this course applicable for everyone from a one-stripe white belt to a seasoned black belt competitor. (Which is why I've received rave reviews about this exact product from both those types of practitioners)

But here's the thing: I'm NOT asking you to take my word for it!

The whole point of my unconditional guarantee is that if you don't like it then you can easily get your money back anytime in the next 365 days.

The truth is that I don't get asked for refunds on this item very often, but when someone has bought it and it's not appropriate for them I'm happy to give them their money back.

What You'll Get in the
'Black Belt Grappling Concepts Course'
(with Five Bonus DVDs and FREE Shipping)

I've given you a lot of information on this page, so let me quickly recap it for you. There are FOUR components to what I'm offering today:

1: Unlimited access to all 26 Core Lessons in the “Black Belt Grappling Concepts Course.” I sincerely believe that this is my very best instructional product to date. 30 years of experience distilled down into one course. And all the materials are downloadable to your computer so that you can have permanent access to it.

2: Surprise Online Bonuses. To make 100% certain that you're getting the maximum value out of the course, I've added over 10 video and ebook bonuses, sprinkled throughout the course. And again, all of it is permanently downloadable.

3: The Free DVD “Thirteen Techniques You Can Use On The Mat Today. Kick your grappling up to the next level quickly with these 'need to know' techniques and strategies.

4: Advanced Techniques and Tactics.” This 4 DVD set covers my most recent discoveries and additions to my grappling game. When you sign up for the Grappling Concepts Course I'll ship you the entire set of advanced DVDs right to your door, for free!

Ordering is fast, easy and 100% secure: your order will be processed with an encrypted shopping cart and on a totally secure server using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.

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Go ahead, take your grappling skills to a whole new level!


Stephan Kesting

P.S. The five bonus DVDs are awesome. These are physical DVDs that I will send to your house and there are NO SHIPPING COSTS.

These are the techniques that I use all the time against high level opponents. Grapplers tell me that these techniques were added to their game quickly and easily, and the only way you can get your hands on them is by singing up for the Black Belt Grappling Concepts Course! Stephan Kesting

P.P.S. The regular price for this material is $247, and that normally gets you one lesson per week for 26 weeks. 

But since I'm experimenting with a new format (in which you get access to ALL the same lessons ALL at once - no waiting), you can now get all 26 lessons, the five bonus DVDs, free shipping for those DVDs, and all the same online bonuses for only $197.

P.P.P.S. Even though I'm experimenting with a lower price point and a faster delivery mechanism for now you'll STILL get my unconditional 365 day moneyback guarantee.

If you don't like the material for ANY reason just email me and I will happily refund your entire payment, plus you'll even get to keep the bonus DVDs!

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